Vatican Urges Muslim Leaders To Condemn The Islamic State Formerly Known As ISIS


VATICAN CITY - The Vatican, calling on Muslim leaders around the world to recognize the brutality of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), which currently dominate the northern region of Iraq.

Vatican says no sort of justification can be given for the crimes committed against minors ISIS in the region.

“The danger that threatens the people of Christian, Yazidi and other minority religious groups in Iraq requires a clear and bold statement from the religious leaders, especially Muslims,” the statement of the Pontifical Council for Interfaith Dialogue.

Pontifical Council says ISIS guilty of various crimes such as murder, mutilation, crucifixion and dragging the corpse in a public place, kidnap women and other crimes.

“Not for any reason, let alone for religious reasons, which could allow such a barbaric act. We call on all parties to unite and condemn this evil and reject the use of religion to justify this crime,” added the Pontifical Council.

This weekend, the Vatican‘s ambassador to the UN Silvano Tomasi support U.S. airstrikes intended to inhibit the progression of ISIS in northern Iraq. Silvano even called for international intervention is done as soon as possible before it was too late for the people of Iraq’s minorities.

Silvano support for a military attack is rare Vatican policy that always puts a peaceful solution in the middle of the possibility of genocide against Iraq‘s Christian community.

Hundreds of thousands of people forced to flee their homes in northern Iraq in order to prevent the progression of ISIS. Last week, 100,000 people were forced to leave Qaraqosh Iraqi Christians, Iraqi cities with the largest Christian population. While thousands of minority Yazidi also obscure the mountains.

WHO Allow Use of Experimental Drug to Fight Ebola


GENEVA - The World Health Organization (WHO), approved the use of the drug is still in the experimental stage to fight ebola outbreak that has resulted in more than 1,000 lives lost.

The WHO declaration issued after a US company is conducting trials of serum anti-Ebola serum is said to have sent supplies to plague-stricken west African ebola.

The Liberian government has reportedly asked for an example of an experimental drug that gives ZMapp positive effect for two Americans infected with ebola. This drug samples, said the Liberian government, the United States government representatives will be taken this weekend.

Ebola outbreak is described as the worst outbreak since the disease was discovered four decades ago, has killed 1,013 people since the beginning of this year.

Most cases of ebola is still concentrated in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria. Everything is a West African country that has a system and health infrastructure that was not too good.

Outbreaks of Ebola have also killed a priest from Spain Miguel Pajaras, infected with the disease in Liberia and died in Madrid, five days after being evacuated.

Father Pajaras became the first European citizen who died from malignant disease is contagious.

North Korea Offer Surfing Holidays


Pyongyang - For the lovers of surfing, maybe the east coast of North Korea could become a new tourist destination. Daily Times reported Pyongyang, the country’s government is now offering surfing in a few locations on the east coast of the country.

East coast of North Korea which has a length of almost 2,500 kilometers it is now open to tourists from all over the world. Some places like Songdowon, Lake Sijung, and Majon a mainstay.

Tourism surfing first held on July 28 to August 6. Surfers Americans say that they are happy at tourist sites with beautiful scenery and fresh air of this,” the Pyongyang Times.

A number of tour companies independently confirmed that the North Korean government now hold surfing.

It’s two groups of surfers who come this far. Basically do not need a special permit because of the places it is the location that was opened for tourists,” said Simon Cockerell of Koryo Tours travel agents.

The North Korean government does intend to develop the tourism industry in the country’s east coast. A number of foreign tourist agencies also stated that they intend to bring surfers to North Korea.

There is a potential market for surfing and we hope to offer a tour of this kind more often,said Andrea Lee from North Korea travel agent representatives in New York, Uri Tours.

We believe the east coast of North Korea produces the best waves on the April to September,” added Andrea.

A number of surfing the site trying to learn a satellite image of North Korea‘s east coast and concluded that the region has the potential for a pretty good surfing.

However, the North Korean media claims that mentions that surfers can ride” the waves with a height of several meters may have been exaggerated.

After some time there (Majon Beach) I think the claim that the waves can reach a height of several feet too much,” says Cockerell.

I’ve seen the ocean waves there and none are very large. Nobody point break or something,” he continued.

Cockerell added, surfing does not seem open to the citizens of North Korea and those who want to have to bring your own equipment.

UN: Kurdish Forces Save Thousands of Yazidi


BAGHDAD - Thousands of ethnic minorities Yazid were trapped in the mountains and surrounded by forces of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) managed to escape in the last three days with the help of Kurdish forces and other parties.

Kieran Dwyer, a spokesman for the UN Office for Humanitarian Affairs Cooperation, refused to mention all those involved in the rescue operation Yazidi ethnic.

He simply stated the various parties contributing to rescue thousands of people trapped in Mount Sinjar during this last week.

Within 72 hours of the last few thousand people managed to leave the Yazidis of Sinjar mountain with the help of Kurdish forces and several other parties,” said Dwyer.

Dwyer continued, those who managed to escape were trapped on the north side of the mountain. They have to walk for seven hours to enter Syrian territory before entering the secure area in the Kurdistan region.

UN Agency to Issue Refugees (UNHCR) said at least 31,000 people in the Yazidis of Sinjar mountains have crossed from Syria into Kurdistan during the past few days.

People are stuck at some location in the mountains and those who are on the south side gununglah most vulnerable to the threat of ISIS,” said Dwyer.

Dwyer said the air support is critical to making them who are stuck on the mountain to survive until the escape route could be secured. The UN mission in Iraq said it is preparing for a humanitarian corridor to help ethnic Yazidi save themselves.

The corridor is not enough this time. And when they come out of the mountain they still have to go through dangerous territory until they arrive at a safe location,” said Dwyer.